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Bite-Sized Knowledge Cards

Omni lets your put important knowledge in bite-sized knowledge cards that give you direct answers without needing to read through large documents. Omni cards make it really easy to document technical processes, RFP information, product knowledge, common FAQs, etc.

Add Live Screen Recordings to Cards

Import & Verify External Knowledge


Maintain your knowledge over time.

Add Owners to Knowledge

Assigning owners to knowledge is a critical part of Omni's knowledge management flow. Owners are responsible for keeping their card content up to date. Omni lets you add individuals or groups of people as owners on each card.

Verification Reminders to Keep Knowledge Up-to-date

Organized Folder Structure & Tagging


Understand how to make your team more productive.

Use Search Analytics to Drive Better Content

Omni presents teams with a robust analytics dashboard that includes search insights. The dashboard tells you what people are searching for, holes in your knowledge base, popular knowledge sources, click-rates, time to find answers, etc to help you prioritize the best content for your team and customers.

User-by-user Insights

Assign and Track Goals for Teammates


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