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Omni helps your sales and customer success teams close deals faster and with confidence by providing them with up-to-date knowledge directly while talking to customers.
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Omni is the #1 AI-Powered
Knowledge Management Solution

We help your teams deliver a delightful customer experience by making your reps faster & smarter.


Never let your knowledge go out of date again.

Keeping information up to date is critical to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that customers are always given the right answer. Omni lets you assigns owners, track status, and set verification reminders on every knowledge card.


Don't let Slack turn into your source of answers.

Omni makes sure you aren't wasting your day asking and answering questions. Omni Slack integration suggests answers within Slack and lets you document anything, from important messages to entire threads, with the click of a button.


Use detailed analytics to identify gaps in your customer knowledge.

From showing you what your team is searching for to tracking click-rates and time to answer a customer's question, Omni tells you which content is most effective and areas in which better content would make your team far more powerful.



These form the basis of our service:

Bite-sized Answer Cards
Universal Search Integrations
Manage & Import External knowledge
Outdated Knowledge Detection
Find information while talking to customers
Share screen recordings instantly
Search and create cards right out of Slack


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